Monday, September 25, 2006


Recently, a couple of my girls and a new blog friend, Gina, have been listing all of their UFOs. I thought,"I've got all my UFOs under control, no worries." Except as I thought about them more and more, it began niggling my brain that I needed to do something with them.

I've been sick the past few days and on Sunday, I felt a bit better. It became cleaning day. As I cleaned house, I began thinking of yarn. I started pulling out my UFOs. Some of you may recall this UFO post in July. The picture below depicts the UFOs I last blogged about: Fair Isle Jazz scarf, Lorna's Laces sock yarn in Desert Flower colorway and the i-cord gloves, with a cursory nod to Spork.

The new pic shows Fair Isle Jazz, the i-cord gloves and Spork. The thing is most of these are getting ripped. I'm not lovin' 'em anymore.

Today or yesterday rather, I decided that of these projects, only 1 remains.
1st: The Lorna's Laces sock may be done, but it's been ripped out right now, so I'll determine later if I will make socks out of it. I have a feeling once I get started on my hourglass sweater which is using yarn in a cotton candy pink, I will probably start those socks. For now, they've been ripped out and resting.

2nd: the i-cord gloves, ripped. True I did waste yarn by not finishing this project, but I don't care. I couldn't seem to motivate myself to pick it up again and look at it. So I ripped it. I still have at least half a ball and a full one that I may make some fingerless gloves out of.

3rd: Fair Isle Jazz will get finished. I'm past the halfway mark. Once I get done with the ISE scarf, I will get started on this one again.

4th: Spork. Poor Spork. Sadly, I am no longer in love with the idea of making this bag. As much as I like the idea of felted bags, unless I can just knit it and felt it and be done, I don't like to do it. I don't sew and don't want to do excess construction, sewing things, putting in liners, buying extra things to make it like a messenger bag. Blech, just things to turn me off. That's what happened with my Rather Huge Felted Bag that you saw once and never saw it again. After I felted it, it became so big and unwieldy and you're supposed to line it. Dude, that's never gonnna happen. I gave it to Stacey. So the fate of Spork is that it's already knitted, but it will no longer be a felted messenger bag. I'm going to felt it once to see how much it shrinks and it will become a lapghan. It's got a nice amount of warmth, so I figure if I felt it a bit, it'll be nice and toasty. The reinforcing strips to go around the bag have been ripped and the yarn reclaimed.

Later on this year, I will probably rip out a couple of old projects and also reclaim the yarn. More on that later.

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