Monday, January 15, 2007

The Current Object of My Knitting Obsession

which has not been keeping me from blogging, but an old project lying around. Shortly after the beginning of the year, I really felt the urge to get this knit off of my plate. Fair Isle Jazz beckoned to me and I've been working on it at home in short bursts and finally last night, I finished the last of the striping sequence. I'm thrilled to be finished with the scarf, although I do wish the cabled section was a bit longer, but I was fearful of running out of the orange, which was the main color. And I would not have had enough if I wanted to do one more repeat. I am hoping that the scarf does block out a bit longer, but I'll be happy nonetheless with it. I do still have to sew up the side ends, work the tassels and block it. But I'm pretty happy to be done knitting with it.

I've been doing a lot of knitting, but hadn't felt too inspired to blog. Part of it is probably because I'm working on the second toddler hoodie sweater (1st one was for Chason) and although it's going, it's not very exciting to me. I decided the third sweater will wait until next fall and it will be a bigger size. I'll probably stop by the LYS this week and pick up an extra skein, so that I'll be sure to have enough yarn for the bigger size and thus ensure that I'll have the proper dyelot and so on.

I also started a new sock, Monkey from the latest Knitty and I have to say, I can see why Cookie A. calls it monkey. Once you start knitting it, you really can't get the monkey off your back. I love this pattern and the yarn I'm using (Austermann Step color: 10) in pinks/green

I started off the new year knitting a sock pattern instead of my standard stockinette socks, I was pretty pleased by this and that it is such an engaging pattern. It's really hard to be bored by this pattern. I hope the same is true for the second sock.

Lately I've been not too excited with my knitting, save for the Monkey sock. I've been wanting to cast on for a new sweater, but feel that I should finish the kid sweater first. But then I'm not really sure what the next sweater will be. Since I've been a bit bored and not finding something that is engaging me to that other level of knitting, I think it might be time for a bit of lace to enter the knitting line-up . . .

More to come later this week . . .

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