Monday, January 01, 2007

A Year In Review

I was looking over last year's lists and found it very interesting.

Project-wise, last year I finished 25 items, this year up to 31 items.
2 spiral rib hats
2 pair fingerless mits
3 baby bibs
Marilyn NSS Cardi
Noro cabled skinny scarf
Regia Strato socks
2 baby raglan sweaters
Opal Lollipop socks
Bliss Cardi
Striped shorty socks (yarn from Carola)
Cabaret Raglan Sweater
Green Gable
Seraphim Shawl
Docktorfish socks
Ribby Shell
Arrowhead Lace
Wild Cherry Triangular Scarf
2 Clapotis (1 for me, 1 for my cousin)
2 garter stitch scarves
Hourglass sweater
M's sweater
shorty socks for M2
striped hat for M2
Chason hoodie sweater
Koigu Thuja socks

Some of my goals were:
1. Knit more socks (I have enough yarn to make 24 pairs of socks!) DONE This year I knit 6 pairs of socks, instead of 3, but didn't make goal of 8 pairs

1a) Of those 8 socks, at least 3 pair should be knit using some sort of pattern and not just self-patterning and self-striping sock yarn, but an actual pattern. didn't make this one, only one pair was patterned, the rest were all stockinette. Stockinette socks are my bread and butter, so I tend to go to that more. I will make an effort this year to knit more patterned socks as the lure of various patterns keep calling to me.

1b) I have enough yarn to make two pairs of Lorna's Laces socks as well as 4 hanks of Koigu KPPM to make socks. This year, I want to make socks using one type of each yarn this year. 50% on this goal I did use some of my Koigu for socks and the other 2 hanks were ripped from the i-cord gloves I started in 2006 and I now have one half pair of fingerless mitts from it and need to finish the second half of those mitts. This year I'd like to knit with more of the handpainted sock yarns I have, such as Cherry Tree Hill, Claudia's, etc.

2) Most of my resolutions are really related to socks. I do want to knit more sweaters, but I must start and complete M's sweater this year. I also want to finish another if not 2 sweaters for me by this winter's end. Libby from Rowan Cork Mag and Cavern Cardi from Cosmicpluto. Did finish M's sweater (just in the nick of time), didn't knit Libby, but Bliss Cardi instead and finished the Marilyn NSS cardi as well

3) Knit more for Chason. Whatever that takes, it needs to be done. Once I finish something else, I do plan to make a pair of baby mittens for him. didn't make a pair of mittens, but did finish a baby raglan sweater last year that was sent to him in Jan of '06 as well as a baby hoodie in December that was sent

4) Knit a pair of gloves. This is slightly frightening for me, so I definitely want to do it this winter. nope, not even done and not sure that I even want to

5) Learn more techniques. I would really like to feel more comfortable with short-rowing, so I will probably apply it to socks as I'm thinking I might like the short-row heels better than the heel flap. With the making of the Jazz Fair Isle scarf, I will get to practice fair isle a bit more and I will be happy to do that. Practice cabling more (perhaps cabling without a needle) and learning to knit backwards. Those are the goals thus far, who know what else may be added. Didn't learn some of the techniques I wanted, but definitely got quite a bit of practice with fair isle this year, cabling and lace Decided I like the heel flap best, so over the short-row heel, but I do want to master short rows in my knitting and learn to use it better in garmetns

6)Also knit the Debbie Bliss V-neck Tennis sweater this spring. nope, decided to take it off my knitting list and returned the yarn

7) Make more cardigans, see the Cavern cardi above as well as for Spring/summer as I am always cold. done, finished two

8) Make and finish a Clapotis. Done X2

This year's knitty resolutions:

1)Knit more socks. The sock yarn stash (as well as other stash) has been thinned throughout the year, but more keeps joining in. My main focus is to continue to knit socks and mix it up with more patterned socks this year

2) Knit more lace, which should not be a problem as I love it.

3)Learn more techniques, primarily short-rows

4)Focus on the structure of garments and really learn what looks best on me and not fall for every project which looks bad after. I feel I'm better in this department that I used to be, but sometimes still fall prey to this. Also, just working more on the fit of an item. Each time I knit a garment, I learn a bit more and that's always a good thing.

5)Knit more from stash. More on this one later.

5)Enjoy knitting, it's not a race and just have fun. Shouldn't be a problem there.

WIPS carried over to 2007:
1. Fair Isle Jazz (yes, still working on it, but I did pick it up this long weekend and am halfway through the fair isle, so progress is happening0

2. Austermann Step Socks(haven't even mentioned these yet)

3. Second half of Koigu fingerless mitts

4. Lacy Rib Tank (on hold till this Spring, back finished, only have front to finish)

5. Knitted tam (bane of my existence, stupid hat, but I vow to finish it, may never wear it, but after restarting it 3 times, it will be done.)

The good thing is that 2 of the WIPS can be finished with a little focus, #3 and #5 and #1 is coming along well. #4 will be restarted in the spring, as I saw no need to finish it in the winter.

I'm pretty pleased with my resolutions from last year and the progress that was made. Knitting, like all of life, is constantly a work in progress and I'm amazed at how I can regress, but then move forward with thingss and learn a lot of things. I was really intrigued by lace and finally fell head over heels. Last year I'd never knit from a chart before and really didn't understand but rudimentary cabling, while I'm no master of cables, I can say that it doesn't frighten me now, nor do cables. And I really love lace. Cabling is not my forte, but I can do it. Perhaps if I learn cabling without a cable needle I will enjoy it more, we shall see.

2006 was year full of changes, but a good one. I'm looking forward to this New Year to see what 2007 will bring. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and reading from time to time and being a part of my life. I'm still enjoying this blogging community and the friendships it has brought into my life.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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