Sunday, January 21, 2007

Finishing Frenzy

Wow, it's been a busy week. I thought I might have more time to post, but that just didn't happen like I thought. After my last post, I stated that I was getting bored with my knitting. As I thought about my last post, before typing, it dawned on me the reason I was getting bored was because I was knitting the same project (the baby hoodie sweater) and it felt like it was going nowhere and I wasn't getting the length I needed no matter how long I seemed to knit on this thing. The funny thing is that when I finally picked up the pattern again, I noticed two things, a)the size I chose to knit is a 4-6 size and the child I'm knitting for is currently 3.5 years old, but still this thing will probably be a bit large for now and 2)the measurement I was looking for was not under the shoulder but from the top of the shoulder. I need to have 15 1/2 inches from the top of the shoulder, but I was using the underarm measurement. When I measured from the right place, I have 20 1/2 inches, so a-rippin' we will go. Fun, not, but oh well. I decided it's time to put it away, although I will rip it back and finish the body with the side slits and perhaps work on the sleeves (in my spare time), so when I do pick it back up for the fall, I will either have just the hood to do, or the sleeves and the hood. Either way, that's not that much left to do on it. But it's gonna be put aside for a minute.

I decided it's time to get back to me, my favorite knitting subject. No, but I needed to put away some of the knitting for others down and work on some stuff for me. New projects have been cast on, but nothing to really show you. In order to start on some new stuff, I decided to also work on finishing some older items.

First off, I worked on finishing Fair Isle Jazz scarf, but no new pictures. It is currently blocking. I closed up the side seams and whipstitched the back so there is no "pocket" to the back of the scarf and wove in any remaining ends. I still have the tassels to do, but figured I should go ahead and do the major finishing on it.

I also finished weaving in the ends to the knitted tam, but I forgot to take pictures, so it will have to be for the next post. Sorry about that. I don't love it, but all of my hair fits into it, so that's something, right? Maybe not, moving on.

The first Monkey sock is done. Yay! And I cast on for two more socks, but neither one of them is the Monkey mate.

I got the urge to cast on for Monkey and while I will finish the second sock, I started a sock last summer or fall for some socks in Regia Stretch in a blue/brown colorway that is slightly similar to the STR Lucy Colorway, although the brown in my sock is much darker. Wendy of Wendy Knits knitted a pair of Lucy socks with a cat's paw lace insertion. I liked the cat's paw lace so much, I knitted one sock out of it, but then put never started the second sock. Partly because I was gearing up for some Christmas knitting and other projects. Before I finish the second Monkey sock, I want to finish the second cat's paw lace sock. The first finished sock looks lonely in my handknit socks drawer and when I finish that second sock, I'll have a new pair I can wear and then when I finish the second Monkey sock, I'll have another pair, whee!

Another project I'm not sure if I ever blogged about were some baby bibs from the Mason-Dixon knitting book. Last summer I binged on Sugar and Cream cotton (maybe 16-20, but eventually took some back so I have maybe 10-12 skeins of yarn). I used three skeins to make three bibs for a co-worker who recently had a baby girl. I thought these might be useful, along with a baby sweater I made last year that I never gave to its original recipient (it was a former co-worker who never kept in contact after I was laid off from my old job, so I didn't feel it necessary to track her down to give her a gift, plus I did give a gift, just not a handknit one). The baby bibs were very easy to do and I knit one each in one setting. I finished them quite awhile ago (maybe 2-3 weeks, but never got around to sewing on the buttons, but that occurred today).

Something that I did finish awhile ago, but the scarf never found its right home. I made this scarf out of Patons SWS yarn (soy and wool) and realized that it shed too much for me to wear the scarf, even though I loved it. I planned on gifting it this Christmas, but it never happened. I also wanted to knit a scarf for the Red Scarf Project and the pattern and the yarn I tried to use just didn't work out. Finally it dawned on me that I had a scarf laying on the back of the couch downstairs for months and it does have some red in it, but it's not really a unisex scarf, the colors are mostly girly. But I'm glad that I can still donate a scarf to the project. It's all packaged up now and ready to go in tomorrow's mail.

Lastly, my sister recently sent me some pictures of Chason modeling his hoodie sweater. He looked so cute, so although I didn't finish him, just the sweater, here are some modeled shots of the baby/toddler wearing his sweater.

Till later . . .

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