Thursday, January 19, 2006

My current obsession

has been the fair isle jazz scarf from Scarf Style. Michelle hosted a few of us at her house last weekend so we could all work on Fair Isle Jazz together and especially to get a couple of us, myself included, up to speed on the fair isle section. There was a group shot of the scarves all together.

And this one is mine of course:

It was fun working on it as a group, at home, I find I have to not be doing anything else to work on this scarf, so that part isn't so fun, but I do love the scarf and being able to see the next motif emerge. Don't mind my puckering, I'm hoping some of that will block out when it's done.

Last weekend I had a long weekend and wanted to start something quick (famous last words, right?!) and started on this cabled scarf pattern, which is easy to memorize, although the scarf is cute, it is a tad bit skinny, but I love the changes of color in Noro.

Sorry about the photo quality, it is pretty crappy, you can't see the cable pattern, although you can in real life. I will try to take another picture in daylight later.

I've put a few more rounds in on the sock, although not too much time has been spent on it. I cast on for M's sweater and have been working the interminable twisted ribbing on this sweater on size 3 needles and am close to the 2.5 inch mark. This is the boring part to me, not the miles of stockinette with no shaping, that part is great to me. I'm soon hoping to get to the stockinette part.

And I finally cast on for my i-cord gloves, pattern courtesy of Nona. These gloves are addictive. You start out knitting the fingers as i-cord tubes and then connect them to the body (hand) of your glove. It sounds liked fun to me and a more top-down method, if you will. So I finally cast on yesterday. The picture below shows one finger, but after the picture was taken, I was on the second pinky finger and am now on to the next finger and it's finished too! Whee! Just 7 more to go!

I got some new books in and I'll post over the weekend about them.

Gotta run to work, so that's all you get now.

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