Monday, January 07, 2008

An UFO makes a re-appearance

Since the New Year began, I decided to cast on for a new project. It only seemed appropriate, however, I also put another project on hold. Ribby Pulli just wasn't holding my interest right now, though, I know, I will love the finished project. So off to a project bag, to hold it, till I get back to it.

However, a friend's son was turning one this past weekend and I realized I had this children's tunic hoodie that was never completed. I think the length of the hoodie is a bit long, but I figure I'll just knit the sleeves a little long and hopefully he'll get an extra season of wear out of it.

I think it was last January that I had project ennui and put this down. How fitting, that it has now been picked up again in the New Year. I'm working on the Children's Tunic #232 for my friend's son. I started last December in a yarn that I haven't seen before, Filtweed. It is a 65% wool/30% acrylic/5% viscose in a dk-weight. Still has enough wool weight, that it feels fine to knit with and it's a tweed yarn. It runs about $14 or $16 for a skein, but each skein has a put up of 250g for 681 yards. I really like it. I may get more for M2 to make him a sweater. Something machine washable just makes sense for him.

For the skimmers, well, you know I am always verbose, so here's your picture:

Where I left off on this project was right at the turning hem. I realized I'd knitted longer than required for the length and was loathe to rip it, so I stowed it. Good policy huh? I guess it's a good thing that kid's knits go so quickly. I went ahead and just finished the garter hem and am almost done with the hood now. Hopefully I'll get to the decreases done and kitchener (graft) the hood. Then, once I'm done grafting the hood, I'll kitchener the foot on the second January One Monkey sock, as well as the first of the
Mary Kay socks.

As much as I think that I'd like to post more often, with my new job and school starting (tonite, yikes!), I know that's just not possible. I told myself that I wanted to post at least once a week and that's been helpful to me. I do like to blog, but sometimes let other things keep me from blogging. My once weekly schedule seems to be working, thus far, so let's hope I am able to keep up with it once I have assignments and deadlines to meet.

Till next time . . .

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