Friday, September 30, 2005

just a post

to see if this forces Bloglines to update my feed. Nothing is showing from yesterday's blog. Anyway, no time to play on the computer anyway. Much cleaning needs to be done to prepare for the attack of 3 preteen boys. Wish me luck!

Oh and I did finish one of the Donna sleeves. Still not done with the sleeves from hell (aka baby sleeves from raglan sweater by Debbie Bliss). Of course the problem is with doing them both at the same time, although I am doing decreases now, so I'll soon be casting off.

And the good thing about getting the boyo involved in other activities (such as karate last night) is more knitting time while sitting through a karate class. Yay! And there was another mother there crocheting. How cool is that?

Allrighty, I'm off now.

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