Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ain't Misbehavin'

No sir, not me. Just because I kept coveting Lauren's Lottie and I kept thinking, I've got loads of CottonEase that I could knit that with. That's one of the sweaters from the Cotton Angora book that I really like. And why shouldn't I cast on for yet another sweater, now that I've finished the second fuzzy foot? And the last cardigan front of Hippy-Chic is blocked and drying? Why should I go visit my long and faithful friend Marilyn who's been sitting in a corner patiently for well-nigh over a month waiting for me to come back to her. Like an unfaithful lover, I snuck away and cast on for Lottie last night. But fate has a cruel way of getting back at you. I had to keep getting up and trying a different needle and then I tried a different element to the pattern, that I think is just a mistake, so I will have to rip it out and go slinking back to Marilyn and hope that she will forgive me. I have to make it up to her with lots and lots of faithful knitting of sleeves and such.

Because I plan on making the Port Orford pullover next for M(see side bar for projects next in lineup), that's the project I need to start swatching for, rather than start all new projects. I think because this project isn't for me and I have a(n)agenda list of projects that mostly include large sweaters for me and 2 thus far have been cardigans, I'm really anxious to make a pullover sweater for myself. For now, though I am going to cast on for the Port Orford pullover for M, as I hope to soon get Marilyn NSS Cardi out of the way too. I need to start on the sleeves and then I can worry about the buttonband and the ruffle. I'll need help with the crocheted ruffle, but I don't think it will be too bad.

And as I thought about it in the shower today, what can be better than making a sweater for the man I love? One who asks to be bathed in handknits. With every stitch I knit, I am knitting with love and wonderful thoughts of him and to give hi that pleasure, what could be better? He actually really likes this pattern. It has loads of stockinette, which I love, and then a double moss pattern at the yoke which gives him some texture (that he loves) and an overall sweater without lots of shaping and should be rather easy to knit and the yarn is oh-so-soft. This won't be finished by Christmas, but sometime this winter, so that he can wear it.

In between all of this, I decided I needed to stop being selfish and make a few more baby knits. That Debbie Bliss baby raglan sweater is just the simplest thing ever, so I plan on making another one for my nephew Chason, since I'll be seeing him again in December for his mother's wedding (my sister) as well, as making a cardigan for one of M's nephews that is a year old and maybe a couple more baby knits for former co-workers that I still keep in touch with. One had a baby the end of September that I'd promised to knit for, as well as another co-worker that had a baby shortly before Chason was born. Soo, I guess I need to get crankin' on it!

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