Sunday, November 20, 2005

One sleeve on, One sleeve off

Thanks to everyone for the feel better wishes. They must have worked, I finally started feeling better Friday. I feel very badly as I picked up a package from Mariko on Thursday evening, but didn't blog about it till now. As usual things have been hectic around here.

First, let me post the lovely package that Mariko sent, all for trying out a couch for her!

She sent lots of candies. It would have been good if I took the picture as soon as I opened it, but M2 and I dove in straight for the candy and it didn't stay wrapped for long. M2 loves all sour stuff, so he enjoyed the sour (super sour!) lemon candies and I let him have them. They were too tart for me. Our favorite was a grapefruit, soft chewy candy and some small strawberry chocolate pieces. So tasty. And for me, there are a pair of cute socks, a note pad, a nice note from Mariko, yarn (of course, and in a colorway titled Hot Lips!), b/c a girl can never have enough of hot pink. That was very nice of you Mariko, thanks so much. It brought a smile to my day, especially when I was feeling pretty badly that day.

Although I was sick, I did manage to get some knitting done, but only in spurts. I knit some on Spork, but since I deemed this my "knitting get-together" project, I put it down. I did get to change the color, now I'm into the gray. Although I'm only a couple of inches in, still much more to go.

I did finish the second of the fuzzy feet and just need to felt them. Sadly though the motivation is lacking. Maybe tomorrow.

Marilyn NSS cardi is coming along, although I'd knitted the first sleeve to almost completion and decided I didn't like how it had so much bulk under the arm, so I ripped it out and started it anew. So I've knitted two sleeves now and only have one to show for it. Since I was sick of knitting the sleeve, since that was all I knitted on while I was sick, I started working the button band and the neckline yesterday. I plan to do the buttonhole band today or tomorrow and then I'll begin tackling the second sleeve. I just needed a bit of a break from the sleeve. Or maybe I'll save the sleeve for when I come back from the wedding. I dunno. Anyhow, here's a couple of pics of the progres thus far on it. Pardon the goofy look (besides the normal goofiness), this is the first time I tried the self-timer feature on my camera. I finally, duh, realized that I could use it, rather than waiting on my photographer to come home.


and one from the side:


I'm really itching to begin some new things, but today M is off to the Broncos vs. Jets game, so I have the house alone and I'm going to work on Hippy Chic. Finally got the sleeve caps to fit right, so off to finish I go. Maybe you'll see a pic of me modeling it soon.

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AmyB said...

Great work, Wanda, and all when you've not been in top form healthwise... impressive. ;) (There's something so comforting about knitting, isn't there?) Can't wait to see those felted footies-- such beautiful colors!