Monday, November 07, 2005

Behold the Donna

Ok, I've been talking about Donna for quite a number of months. It's finally time to unveil her. I did show you a pic last week, now it's blocked and I like it, more or less. I still haven't decided if it's for me or not, but at this point, there's less time to wear it at this time of the year, so I'll put it away and forget about it until next year and see how I feel about it. I may love it or hate it.

But here are the pics:
Full on frontal:

a closeup:

and one of the side ribbing:

Pattern Specs:
Pattern: Donna
Yarn used: Katia Beetle in sage green color
Needle size used: size 7 US for main body, size US 6 for ribbing
time to completed: started sometime in April-fully completed Nov 02,2005

So that's that with Donna and for a picture I promised Michaele of the Thandi scarf.

I absolutely love this scarf. But after all of the trouble with lace and mohair and it was a joy to work with, I find I'm allergic to mohair. Sigh. Me and knitting, not getting along quite so well lately. Although I am still plugging away on the Hippy-Chic. I'm more than 50% finished with the second cardigan front, so I expect I will be done in the next day or so. I have the back and sleeves blocking as we speak. After the fronts are done, I will block those too and then assemble said sweater and start picking up stitches for the neck so that I can work the collar.

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