Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Giddy-up, Knitalong, Rawhide

Tuesdays are for knitalongs. Today will just be an update of the KALs I've joined and what the status is thus far.

For the Fuzzy Feet KAL, may I present one fuzzy foot knitted. The second one is on the needles. Yes, this is Noro and my fuzzy foot may look a little bigger, as I had to adjust for a bigger foot (mine) than the pattern called for. I hope to have the second one completed by this week's end. We shall see.

Spork finally got some love this weekend, when Cyn, Michelle and I met at Monkey Bean. It's such a cool coffee place and if it's open til 3 a.m., I'm so there. We all hung out for awhile there knitting and admiring Cynthia's yarn indiscretion! Cynthia and I even tried to close the place down, but finally around 1 a.m., we even had to go home. But with that, I made lots of progress on Spork. Since Spork was deemed my knitting for knitting get-togethers, I did need to knit on it and now I'm ready for the next color change, just haven't picked Spork back up as of yet.

Rogue, there has been no progress on that cardigan and I don't know when that will happen at this point. It's a low priority for me. It might be next fall at this rate.

For Stashbusters, at this point, I would say all of my knitting is from stash, but for a major project, obviously Donna has been finished. And my focus is on Hippy-Chic at this point, to get it finished. To that end, I've already blocked the back and sleeves.

The right front of the cardigan is moving along swimmingly. I'm not quite ready to cast off, but for casting on Saturday evening and I've been knitting every day, it's almost done. I can finish it today if I want, as I only need 1/2" or less before I bind off the stitches and then both fronts will be washed and blocked and then I can join the sweater together and do the neck, seam it all together and call this puppy done. I really want it to be done.

And then I can get back to Marilyn NSS. I also picked up the pattern for the Port Orford Pullover. I would like to cast on and get started for this one soon. This sweater is for M, but no holiday knitting. It won't be done in time for Christmas, but it would be nice to get started, since I keep promising I will actually make this sweater for him. And he loves sweaters and keeps asking for a sweater by me, how can I resist a man that wants me to knit for him? I can't. So there you go.

I've gotta run. Gotta figure out something for dinner, pick up a preteen, run to the store and get some things for my sister's wedding, which is less than a month from now and get said preteen started on homework and then try to sneak out for knitting later on tonight with the girls.

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