Wednesday, January 25, 2006

And the cardi wins it

Thanks everyone for your votes. The Bless cardi won, not by a landslide, but won nevertheless. I was still debating about Libby, but in the end decided against it. It is a nice design, but I am no longer excited by the pattern and feel that while the pattern is cute, I'm no longer feeling love. Bless it will be, but it will have to wait a little while.

Because I joined the Knitting Olympics hosted by the Harlot. Yes, I'm a joiner:

And I'll be competing for Team USA in the sweater event:

In my event, the sweater, I will not be knitting Bless, but rather the Hourglass sweater, instead. The point of the Olympics is to knit something that would be a challenge to you (personally, whatever that is for you) and complete it in 16 days. Knitting Bless wouldn't be that much of a challenge as it's on large needles in bulky yarn, we're talking sz 10.5 and sz 11 needles. It won't take long for that sucker to get done anyway, except for the zipper! Anyhow, I will make the Hourglass sweater, and it's done in a dk-weight-ish yarn and that might be more challenge appropriate and it's all the round for me, which is fine and I'm not using the Felted Tweed that I mentioned might become an Hourglass sweater. Instead, it's yarn from the stash that's been waiting in the wings for its moment. I present to you,

Jaeger Luxury Tweed in the colorway 827, china pink.

And in other yarn disclosure news (no, don't get excited, I didn't buy yarn!), but this was one of my exceptions when I signed up for the Stashalong, that I had 2 yarn purchases to pay for that had been on hold for quite a long time. One was the Felted Tweed yarn a few weeks ago and the other was some Jo Sharp Silkroad (worsted weight) from
Zenifer. We met up at Cathi's a few weeks ago and I received the yarn, but Jenifer refused any sort of payment! So it wasn't an actual yarn purchase, but a gift! Thanks so much Jenifer. I love the color, Ricepaper and can't wait to make a sweater out of this yarn.

EDITED TO ADD: I somehow added buttons that dropped by KAL buttons down to the bottom of my screen and at this point, I can't figure it out, but I will eventually.
Thanks. Unless of course any of you have suggestions, always open to suggestions. Oh and the poll has been closed to any new votes for the cardi vs. sweater.

P.P.S.: I removed the two buttons I added just for aesthetic purposes, but still can't figure out why the template dropped down like that.

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