Thursday, January 05, 2006

Full Yarn Disclosure

In interests of the Stashalong, I must present yarn that I purchased yesterday evening, however, this was part of my agreement of joining the Stashalong was that I had two projects worth of yarn on hold, one at my LYS (since November of last year) and some yarn from Zenifer. Since last night, one project has been purchased and the other soon, but I did feel guilty picking it up yesterday, but I was very matter-of-fact and circumspect while buying it. I looked around the yarn store and thought, how sad that I cannot buy any for awhile. I think I will stay out of yarn shops for awhile, unless it is to buy needles or patterns. No yarn! The yarn that I did buy was Rowan Felted Tweed in color 150, Rage. 10 balls in a dk-weight. I think it's bound to become a Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, provided the gauge works out and all. I really would like at least one pullover, since I've been knitting all cardis this winter.

In knitty progress, I did finish the M2 earflap hat and have a model to boot.

And a second one to show the pom-pon. Why is it that I just suck at doing pom-pons? I had to have M do it. Even with the handy pom-pon maker, I still screwed the pooch on that one and just wasted a lot of yarn. I'm having M make one for my hat next, he just doesn't know it yet. I don't think he expected this much crafty fun with my yarn to be had by him! (heehee!)

Project Specs: M2 earflap hat
Pattern: Kittyville hat, without the ears
Yarn: Gedifra Cordilla 50% alpaca/50% wool(discontinued, I believe) in blue, green and one stripe of orange (from stash)
Needle size: US 7

The recipient, M2, seems very happy with the hat and it matches his new coat. I went with the Gedifra Cordilla a) because it was from stash and b)the alpaca/wool mix is pretty warm for the head. This is my second time knitting this hat and I like it. I was thinking of making it for myself but realized I would look ridiculous.

Since it is full knitty disclosure here, I also started a project, the sideways garter stitch scarf in Aracaunia Nature Wool and Lamb's Pride Worsted in fuchsia.

While I love the fuchsia color and the Aracaunia, these two together are not working for me. And when I questioned M about the color choices, he said, "Those are two colors I would put together." Not that he would wear fuchsia and all, but still, it wasn't doing it for me, not feeling the love, so last night I ripped it out. Which is great, b/c I found a pattern via ScoutJ that I think I will use some Noro I have in stash for it instead and I think I will be a lot happier with it.

And to show you the productivity of all that hard work at my new job during the holiday lull, one finished sock. I am also sitting with people instead of formal training and listening to phone calls and other folks do crafty stuff there or just read in the slow time, so it was cool for me to knit. The second sock is already past the ribbing, but it will probably not go as fast as the first one.

Tonight the plan is to do the buttonhole band for the NSS cardi and then have the ladies at the LYS tack down the hem, sew on the buttons and weave in the ends. I have a lot of stuff I want to get done knitting-wise and just don't want to deal with the finishing stuff right now. I'm also casting on for the front of the 2nd baby raglan sweater so that I can hopefully sew those up this weekend and send out to the parents.

And that's all the knitty news fit to print here!

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duchessofgravity said...

oohhh that felted tweed would make a gorgeous hourglass sweater. i've been dying to make that one. i can't wait to see yours! :)