Friday, June 09, 2006


Something I've been remiss in posting about it is a project that I started over the Memorial Day Weekend. It's another raglan, but this time bottom-up. Something I haven't done too much of, but what I realize that is so addicting about these projects for me is the circular knitting quality. There's no end of the row, just passing a stitch marker over that indicates the beginning of the round, so it's easy to just keep knitting and very hard to stop, but they make for great knitting progress. This is a project that I'd wished I'd started last year, so I'm very happy to have this one on my needles, which is the Ribby Shell by Bonne Marie. I love the construction of it and the version I am making is the flat panel version with stockinette on front and back of this top and ribbing on the sides, v. similar to Donna in that design. I really like that aspect of it.

In that picture, I was at 6 inches into the body. Now I'm at about 13 inches into the body and I'll soon start working the V-neck for front and back. This little baby is going quickly. The yarn I'm using is Classic Elite Believe in a cream color. Apparently this yarn is discontinued as I cannot even locate it on the Classic Elite website. It's a nice cotton/rayon something else mix and what I like are the slubby bits that give it some visual interest.

I've also cast on for a sock, in Opal, in the Doktorfish colorway. I'll soon post pics, although it will be sometime next week. I've also finished and blocked Green Gable, just need to get a pic in. Hopefully soon, otherwise, sometime later next week, as M's father and one sister and one brother are coming into town this Sunday for a few days. And on Saturday I'm taking an Estonian lace class with Nancy Bush. I have no idea what Estonian lace may be, but we're taking it! (we being Michelle, Cynthia and I).

I'll chat with you all later, hope all is going well.

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