Friday, June 23, 2006

Estes, Estes, Estes

Estes, how many ways can I count the joy that is Estes?

The joy of hanging out with my girls?
Michelle invited us into her home to spend the night and then we got an early start for Estes shopping. Below is a group picture of some of the Denver knitters at the blogger-meetup at Estes.

Then I got to meet new friends. One of which is Margene. Last year I spotted Margene, b/c really, Margene is a tall lady that you cannot miss. But I didn’t “know” her, so I shied back and didn’t introduce myself. This year, I vowed I would not be the shy wallflower. I got to meet many bloggers from the Utah crew and beyond. I was so excited to meet Jen, Snow, as well as seeKristi and see Amanda again, whose blog I can't find the name of right now, sorry! I also saw Michaele again, who was a "Utahn", but she will moving back to Denver, yay! I met some new bloggers to me from Utah, such as Mim (whose patterns I love and I may have scared her a bit with my enthusiasm!) but sadly I missed meeting Stephanie from Wyoming. Maybe next time.

Besides meeting new friends and hanging out with old friends, there was shopping! I'm not much into the animals, so animal shots here. This girl was all about the yarn and no, no fiber, because I don't spin. Not knockin' those that do, I just don't. Right, so onto to the yarn. First we have some beautiful cormo. Since last year when I first put my hands on it, but I was lacking cash, so I petted it and moved on, I've really liked this vendor, Elsa Sheep And Wool. All of their yarn is in natural colors, which I thought might be just wonderful for a Madli's Shawl. The yarn is 2-ply and supposedly laceweight, but this yarn is a bit thicker than that, perhaps fingering or sportweight, but what's nice about it is besides from the beautiful grey color, is that the wool is soft (not the softest yarn I've ever touched, but it is soft) and sproingy. It feels like a sponge. I walked around holding my little quarter lb. of love yesterday. Each hank sports 700+ yards. Gotta love that.

At the booth of Skaska Designs owned by Galina Khmeleva, I picked up some lovely laceweight yarns. The yarn is called Superlamb, has 1,315 yds and 100% wool. I chose two colors, one a lovely light gray color, Lead, to be used for Mim's Icarus shawl and the second in a Tourmaline color for a Leaf Lace Shawl, possibly.

Next up is Plain and Fancy Sheep and Wool Company in Henderson, TX. I cannot overstate how much I love their yarns. Every year, I go back for more. The first pic is 2 skeins of sportweight in pinks and greens and this is to make some sort of scarf, shawl, something for my cousin who was sick earlier this year. She's in a sorority (AKA) and those are their colors. I know she would be happy with anything, but to have something in "her" colors will be even better. I'm thinking perhaps a Clapotis or something lacy, we'll see.

Then I have 4 skeins more of Plain & Fancy, but this time in turquoise, also sportweight, but to make a sweater for me. Don't know a pattern or anything yet, but I do love it and it is subtly variegated in the same color. Plus, I couldn't decide on a variegated color. I did see a color that I love that Margene got, but I think she grabbed it all before I got there. Next time I know to be right at the P&F booth first thing!

Lastly, I also bought some yarn at Brooks Farm. I was pretty sure I would get away unscathed seeing as how most of their yarn contains mohair and I'm allergic. But some yarn ended up in my hot little hands! Finally a yarn that I will use for Clapotis! Both yarns are a Limited Edition I, that it appears are only sold at shows. It contains 60% superwash wool, 20% silk and 20% viscose. I've heard rumors this is their sock yarn, but I'm not sure about that. Nonetheless, the 2 skeins that are shades of brown and blue, that will be for my Clapotis. The red yarn, I don't know what I will do with it just yet, but the color is beautiful and I will find a use for it, not to worry. Each hank has 420 yards and it appears to be sportweight to me.

And that my friends is the fun that was Estes! Next up, my new lace project and I have been getting quite cozy.

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Monica said...

Nice haul! I wish I could go to Estes some day. Lynette and I are plotting.