Monday, June 19, 2006

Green, no, Blue Gable finished

Finally I have another FO to show. With a nod to Project Spectrum, I've actually finished a project in the month that is this color. This one is Blue Gable. It's taken awhile, although technically I was finished a few weeks ago. I'm not exactly thrilled with this project and I think I will need to make a few more mods before I'm truly happy with it, but it depends on if I really feel like doing it.

Project: Green Gable
Yarn used: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in color Columbine
Project time: May 1st-May 30th
Modifications: I made the 38" bust size initially but was concerned about the fit, so I upped the size to the 40". After blocking, it fits a bit big in the neck area. I think a round of single crochet around the neckline will take care of it. I did use more waist decreases for a fitted look, but after washing, the sweater loosened up a bit, so it kind of doesn't matter I suppose. After doing about 5 or 6 waist decreases for shaping, I then increased 4-5 rounds. I'm mostly pleased with the fit, but the sleeves are a bit off. After wearing it a bit, I think I prefer the cap sleeves, so I will have to rip those back again, but at least that will be pretty easy. I may rip back the bottom bind off and make the body about 1.5 to 2" shorter too. It's just not quite right, but I think once I make those changes I will be totally happy. I can't tell you when that's going to happen, b/c it's too hot to wear it now and I'm just not in the mood to actually deal with the changes, hence why I'm going ahead and posting a pic b/c I probably won't talk about this one again for a long time.

Next up, the Estes score!

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