Friday, May 25, 2007

FO: Horcrux socks

A project that I may have never blogged about are the Horcrux socks. I finished them last night. I really liked the pattern when I saw it as a serial pattern on Susan's blog. The fingering weight pattern is available through membership to the Six Sox Knitalong.

Pattern: Horcrux socks
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug in the Castagna colorway
Project date: May 2, 2007 through May 24, 2007
Mods: none, I was a bit concerned that the pattern called for 60 or 70 stitches, but because the pattern utilizes a k3,p2 ribbing, the socks are quite stretchy. And it fits just fine. The only I would have done differently is the heel and the heel flap. In fact, on the second sock, I did change the heel because I didn't like how the first turned out. The pattern uses a stockinette heel flap which I didn't care for, but that's a matter of personal preference. The heel (whatever it is, b/c I don't know) didn't fit my foot properly, but it's wearable. It may be just fine for others.

The yarn was really nice to work, although I was a bit worried about the yardage. Since these socks are relatively short, it worked just fine and I still had a bit of yardage left over. I could have easily made them at least 1 inch taller, but that's again a personal preference. I would think this pattern would be good for those yarns with low yardage, such a Koigu or Colinette. I followed the pattern initially b/c I really didn't think about how tall it was, but it's not too short, but I'd prefer it be a *smidge* taller.

I think I'm falling a bit too tough for these merino handpainted sock yarns. I do worry about them wearing out and the lack of nylon, but I really do have plenty of hand knitted socks with nylon. Some of the handpainted sock yarns I have purchased are also wool/nylon mix, so I'm not buying all 100% merino sock yarn, but it is very nice to knit with, that's for sure.

It's been all about socks lately. The bigger projects, such as the CE Raglan Cardi *cough cough* is giving me fits and isn't working so well right now.

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