Friday, September 23, 2005

Believe it or not, I'm still around

This week has been terribly hectic, especially for someone that is unemployed. It's a bit funny. Nonetheless I did make it to 2 job fairs this week and attempting to follow up on some leads with those, so hence no time to blog. In fact, very little time to knit. Although last weekend I did get started on a new project, making a ton of baby sweaters. I figured it out and I need to make 5-6 baby sweaters and I'm on baby sweater #1. The front and back are done and I am working on the sleeves now. The pattern is a Debbie Bliss pattern which calls for DB Cashmerino Aran, but I didn't want(and couldn't) spend that kind of money, so I'm using up some of this Cotton-Ease. Yay, I am using up stash and that's always a good thing!
Here's a pic of the front and back:
(sorry for the blurry picture quality, but I was in a rush)

and the sleeves:

and a little further progress on the Marilyn shrunken cardigan:

I also joined another KAL, the Spork KAL, hosted by Brynne at her site. The pattern for Spork can be found here. I'd originally determined that I would use 3 skeins of Noro Kureyon in my stash, but upon further reading of the pattern and realizing that I would need more yarn, I'm going to use the yarn Wendy sent to me in its stead, as there is some Noro Kureyon (2 skeins) in a black, purple colorway and some purple Cascade 220 to use as an accent color. I will probably also have a stripe of purple to break up the variegation and have one stripe in the middle of the bag, and purple side panels as well as the interior panel. I'm excited for this as I've wanted a messenger/courier bag and this fits the bill nicely.

I also cast on for a pair of socks for the stepson. When will I have time to get all of these projects done? I was doing so good with only a couple of projects on the needles, but apparently that's gone to the wayside. Plus, I get bored with just one or two projects anyway. I'm just not looking forward to all of the baby sweater madness I've got to knit. Maybe I'll knit one or two and then see how I feel about making them all. At least maybe I'll get the motivation from looking at the yarn laying out to finish up the sweaters. They do knit up fast, but knitting both sleeves at the same time gets boring.

My Sock Pal, Nicole received her socks and loved them, so I'm quite happy. I would say take a look at her blog, but it's all in German, so if you speak German, go for it. If you don't and you still do want to look at it, feel free. My German is nonexistent, but she's made some beautiful projects. I enjoy just looking at her work.

I'm out of here for now . . .

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