Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not Much to Say

After watching all the news about Hurricane Katrina incessantly for a few days, I had to stop watching it, as I was too upset. As someone else said, time moves on. So while they are not forgotten, I had to get on with the things I do in daily life.

At first, knitting was hard, but then knitting became comfort and that is what I've mostly been doing, but just not feeling up to blogging. That and job hunting have been my primary activities.

No pictures today, but the Sockapalooza socks are almost done. Down to the toe decreases. Almost done and then they can be shipped off to my sockpal in the next week or so.

In another post I mentioned Donna was close to being finished as I was going to seam up the pieces, well, the sleeve just didn't fit. It's too short and I have to rip it out and reknit both the sleeves. I'm not really happy about this, but what can you do? It just needs to be done and done right, so I'll have to rip it out. Darn. I really just want to put it to the side and come back to it next summer, but that I cannot do. So I will re-work the sleeves, but as a side project and then try to attach them again.

As far as the blue Sirdar tank, I'm up to the neck on it. The shoulder seams are joined and I need to pick up stitches around the neck and just haven't done it yet.

That and I cast on for a new project that I've been working fast and furiously on. That's about it.

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