Thursday, September 29, 2005

Knitting ensues

So the last post was just a diversion from the fact that not too much knitting has been going on. I did knit a little at the Boulder Knit-Out on my shrunken cardigan, but otherwise after that, no knitting. Last week was just so busy, that even when I came home, I did knit a little on the sock or on the cardigan, but I wasn't too enthused with anything. And now that I cast on for yet another project, I'm starting to feel burdened with all the projects. My project max is usually 4 and right now I'm at 6, really 7. Although the 7th one hasn't been restarted, but I am anxiously awaiting getting re-started on the cardigan.

Yesterday as I left the house and the temperature dropped to a crisp 50 degrees, it definitely felt like fall was in the air. I really wanted some cardigans at that point and knew that I want to finish the cardigans I have on the needles. Although that fall day of yesterday was really a fluke. Today it's in the 70s, it does make me think that I need to wrap up a few other things so I can really focus on my cardis. So first up, are the Donna sleeves. Remember her? Well, the first edition of the sleeves weren't quite right and were actually longer than I wanted and they didn't fit when I was trying to seam the sleeves in. So since my friend Susan helped me redo them, I decided it wouldn't take that long to knit them up, since they should be much shorter this version and I ripped them out and started reknitting. I'm doing decreases on the first sleeve now.
Donna sleeves Posted by Picasa

I should be able to get this one done today and get started on the second one. Once I get the sleeves done, then I will finish up the sleeves for the baby sweater and knock out two things there. Then I can work on the lacy scarf for a little bit and start swatching on the other cardigan, so I can get gauge with the other yarn for the two-tone (variegated and solid color) cardigan, as well as keep working on the other cardigan and the socks.

In between a lot of other stuff with tracking down job leads, etc., here's the other reason I've had little knitting time, which has been some home repair. The carpets in our 2nd bedroom (M2, the preteen's room) are just atrocious and we're not sure what happened there. It's so dirty, although the carpet is pretty new that we don't think it will be cleaned well, so we're putting in hardwood floors. In addition to putting in hardwood floors (M's job), I decided to move my desk downstairs, which meant taking everything out of the drawers and moving both bookcases downstairs. My weekend was filled with cleaning and sorting and still consists of these things, blech. The flooring is also going into the kitchen. M says he will he have to shut off the water, and we may have to eat out! Yay! The kitchen stuff will happen on Saturday though. But M is doing a great job of doing it himself. Just a sneak preview . . .
hardwood flooring Posted by Picasa

And whilst trying to get in a little knitting time for myself, much cleaning and laundry will commence today. Tomorrow a total of 3 preteen boys will be invading my space for a number of hours (although, not a sleepover), but will need to be entertained by movies, snacks, game-playing etc. Whoo-wee! This stepmommy thing is really something else. Naw, it's not that bad, I'm just griping b/c I have to clean and the thought of 3 preteen boys is slightly nerve-wracking.

That's about it for me and the knitting update today. Maybe more tomorrow, you just never know.

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