Friday, June 03, 2005

It's Gon' Rain on Yo' Head

The status of our weather here in Denver lately has been cloudy, kind of fog-like and rain. Rain is good, rain is our friend. With our drought conditions, one mustn't complain about the rain, but yet, with the dark, gloomy clouds we've had all day today, it doesn't exactly seem like summer.

Nonetheless it's been all summer knitting all the time over here at WW. The Donna is still stalled, but I'm planning to stop in at the LYS tomorrow, where a friend is working so I can get help on the short rows. I'm not that good at learning from books. I'm much more of a visual learner. Show it to me, I get it. Those that can teach themselves to knit from books amaze me. I just look at it confused and then put it away.

However, since I've been picture-less for a few entries, here's pic of Donna stalled at the short-rowing for the front/bust for your viewing pleasure:
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In case you were curious about the poncho, it's still not seamed up yet, but since I'm meeting up with Stacey and Cyn tonight at a coffeeshop for some knitting, hopefully I can ask Stacey for help on where and how to whipstitch the ends together, so it may be finished soon. Here's a pic of just the knitting, no finishing happening here (not yet, anyway).
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Tempting, however, seems to be the only thing I am knitting on. Not that I've gotten all that much knitting done this week, but what little time I've had, I finally made it where I could put some sts on waste yarn and begin knitting the sleeves. I'm on the first sleeve now. Although the pattern calls for the sleeves to be 3 inches, at the size I'm knitting it, I decided I want the sleeve to be slightly longer. Not much, just making it 4 inches or maybe 4.5, just depends on how I feel when I get to 4 inches.

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I'm gearing up to start the OSW courtesy of Glampyre pretty soon as I'm in desperate need of a shrug. I bought some cream-colored Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, although it seems to be really difficult to find taupe-colored yarn that goes with everything. Hopefully I can find some this weekend.

I have an interesting story to tell, maybe tomorrow about a summer tank I did last summer that I've just gotten to wear this summer for the first time. But I'll stretch that out for another entry, that I need to make this quick. And I took some more pictures, so I'll have a pic or two to post of me in it, too.

Happy weekend to all,

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