Monday, June 27, 2005

Where in the World Has Wanda Been?

It feels like it's been ages since I last blogged. You would think I would have all this free time to blog, but not really. I guess I have the time, but not the energy. I might spend time reading blogs in between looking for jobs while I'm at the computer, but that's through Bloglines, so not the same in creating a post.

The job search is still going, but not hearing anything back yet, which can kind of be a bit depressing, but I figure everyone doesn't move on "Wanda time", although I'm not really sure why! But I am taking some classes with the outplacement agency my former company partnered with today, so that's a positive thing and will make me feel a bit better. I was also working for 3 days full time at Eddie Bauer, my part-time job that I had, but in the Home store as it's going out of business. 8.5 hours days on my feet is not a good thing and boy was I tired, but it was good to get out of the house too.

Knitting-wise, my last post sounded as if I hadn't been knitting at all, which wasn't entirely true, but I guess if you don't post for 5 days, you have a little more time to actually get some knitting done. I did go to a knitting group on Saturday, in the a.m., didn't make it over to Miss Cynthia's as I had to work at the aforementioned Eddie Bauer that evening. I'm making great progress on the sock, almost to the toe decreases, so I'm happy to have that almost done, so I can get started on my sock pal socks. I'll have to post some pics, hopefully tomorrow, of which yarn to use and possibly sock patterns or just go with a stockinette sock with self-patterning yarn, hmm.

I do actually have some knitting pics today, so here's the sock:

I have to say for never doing any sort of pattern for a sock, other than just letting the self-patterning yarn do its thing, this was a fun pattern to do and I really love the yarn I'm working with too. It has subtle variegations of the brown yarn but it's working up wonderfully.

Me and Donna, which I absolutely *lurve* is moving right along. I have finished the front and am now working on both sleeves at the same time. I also decided to make the sleeves shorter, from 11.5 inches to 6.25. Quite a difference. One of my friends at Strawberry Tree (my LYS) helped me by figuring out the increases and changing my number of cast on stitched to make the pattern work. I'm very excited to be somewhere near finishing this thing in the next few weeks. Here's the front, in case you wanted to see it:

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Tempting, oh how I don't love thee anymore. I did pick it up last night and knit a few rounds, but it looks like I've got at least 5 more to go. I will probably just sit down a couple of nights in a row with a movie and go to work on this thing. Although while we were watching some tv last night, I was getting into a rhythm, but this thing takes forever to grow. I swear it just eats yarn. Even if I watch say two movies for 2 hours each, I might get two inches total out of this thing. I have to just do nothing for the better part of a day to get 3-4 inches and by then my hands are aching, but I do want this thing to be through. The good thing about knitting in the round is that there aren't a ton of ends with pieces and nothing to seam up. Just finish attaching the sleeves to the piece and weave in the ends from the yarn. It is looking better:

It was good to get out with friends this weekend, that helped fuel my knitting desire again. I also completed my knitting inventory yesterday. While digging through the 3rd and final bin, I found some yarn that I'd been gifted with before that I picked up greedily at the time, but now realize I have no real use for this yarn and I don't plan on ever doing that much baby knitting with the same yarn, over and over again, so I've cleared it out of my stash. As well as more of the plastic Katia Sherry I have that I don't know what possessed me to ever buy. I think whenever one of the local yarn groups does a yarn swap or something I will take that yarn over and see who wants it. It's not bad stuff, I just don't want it. Especially as I looked over at 90% of my stash is stuff that I really love. There's other stuff, such as scraps, which are just there, but they do take up a little space and some baby yarns for all those folks that keep reproducing, so it's okay stuff there, but I'm not just all "up" in love with that.

Oh and for you blogger/blogspot users, did you notice that the upload image button is actually working and you don't have to do all the runaround stuff to get your pics in a post? Very nice, I'm just trying it out today for the first time. You do have to be careful when you upload it as it puts the picture at the top of the post, but you can cut and paste it to the spot where you want it. You gotta love the people that do this stuff, Blogger, Google, Hello and Picasa, it's pretty sweet for free. And if you people didn't know it, I love free!

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