Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Promises, Promises and yet . .

So I kinda lied, not intentionally, but yet I did not post on Saturday with pics of a tank I finished last summer. It is made from Rowan Linen Print and the pattern I followed was from a Rowan Cotton Tape pattern. I got close to the gauge written for the "vest", which is what it was called, although it was a sleeveless v-neck tank in my opinion, and was modeled sans another shirt beneath the "vest". Anyhow, I worked diligently on this top last summer and I always have issues with Kim Hargreaves patterns, something with the neck split for Vnecks always seems to get me, the decorative way of decreasing always screws me up. Nonetheless I finished it, but by then the summer season was almost over and I sent it to my LYS to have the ends woven in and blocked and it was never worn. Once I got it home, I realized my armhole was lower on one side, dangerously so and the top was longer than I really wanted it.

I wore this top a few weeks ago with a camisole on so that I wouldn't flash half of my boob or bra on the too-low armhole. After wearing it, the top just grew and grew until it felt like a couple of other people could fit in with me and I was pretty dismayed. I decided that I would rip and reknit it, but it might not be on this summer's knitting lineup. I wanted to wash it, but was too lazy to handwash, so I threw it in the washer. Not such a good idea. When I took it out of the washer, the fabric felt hard and crunchy and I just knew it was ruined. Since I'd already messed up the garment and figured I might not even be able to rip it out, I'd just machine dry it and then see who it would fit. Turned out when it dried, it was softer than before and it had shrunk enough that it fit.

I wore the "shrunken" tank again this past Friday to work and now it fits. A little large, but it fits nice and I like it. The armhole is still a little low on one side, but not it's acceptable. Unfortunately neither of my pictures is all that great. My bf took them and one is a gratuitous boob shot he took, but it shows the colors very well, so I'm still including it. What's a little embarassment among friends?

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and secondly another picture that's really for fit and form as opposed to color and knitted fabric,

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So please pardon my goofy pics and my even more goofier-looking self, but those are the pics, and just the pics.

More knitting progress was made this weekend. Finally got the short-rows done this weekend at the LYS. I thought I would never get it right. I screwed it up 3 times and had to rip it back, but finally got it done(mostly) before I left and went home and finished the short rows and am on the right track.

While there (at the LYS), I did manage to find the perfect shade of taupe in a worsted weight yarn that I can use to make the One Skein Wonder. I was so excited and it was a yarn that was $3/ball, only needed two. Of course to make this stupid thing, I've bought 3 different colors of yarn and maybe spent $21 just buying all this different yarn, but I guess I will be making 3 of them. I bought some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a vanilla color, but I think now I will take it back and get a different color, something different than black and taupe, perhaps the teal or pink, just to not have only functional colors.

Tempting is moving along. I joined the sleeves to my knitting, but it doesn't look right. I will try and post a pic in another couple of days to show and see if it's right.

That's about all for today.

Happy knitting all.

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