Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Little Clarification

Regarding Estes, it does look like my purchases were restrained and they were for me. However for my Secret Pal, I bought a few more items, I just can't post them on the blog as of yet.

Knitting-wise, I've been knitting but not that much. I worked on Donna last Friday and that's been about it for that project. I did pick up my blueberry waffle socks that had been lingering around for a bit. I got to a point where I needed to do all the heel stuff (working the heel flap, turning the heel and picking up stitches) that is usually not conducive to doing while knitting with friends, so I put it down and then kind of forgot about it for awhile.

Since I've been home (in my hot house with no A/C), I haven't felt like pulling out Donna and think I had some residual guilt about that sock, so I pulled it out and began working on the heel. I've finished all the stuff for the heel and actually done all of the decreases and am now just working on the foot. That's what I love about socks, their portability. I've been forced, er, watching the finals with the bf and have gotten to work on the socks quite a bit. Although Donna is lingering, I will probably pick her up today.

Tempting is not tempting me at all and for now, it's just sitting there. I will finish it because I've put this much work into it, but I'm not feeling the love.

Oh and regarding the Cotton-Ease hoarding behavior as of late, a la Cathi and Monica and Lynette, the sugarplum Cotton Ease was purchased last week at Hancock Fabrics, which mine was not even on sale. But then the two bags of Popsical Blue were bought at Tuesday Morning on Monday evening. (Sorry Michelle, I couldn't make it to Tuesday Morning on Monday morning, hehe!) And Stacey went hogwild over CE last weekend and I picked up some Cherry Red that she didn't want. The picture showed one bag, but I, in fact, have two bags of it too.

Following the lead of Julie, I've begun cataloguing my stash. It's actually something I've done a few times, but I always stall out on the data entry side. But seeing as how I have a little free time right now (ahem!), I figure I've got time to get my stash catalogued and entered in Excel as well as my books.

Cynthia told me that I have a large stash, which I don't think it's that bad. I mean, I only have 3 large tubs of the clear variety. However, as she mentioned, it doesn't sound bad until you start looking at what's all in them. And as I was cataloguing the 1st bin (please note: I haven't even gotten to the other two), that yeah, I have a butt-load of yarn. But I do love my stash.

And to make matters worse, my LYS was having a sale yesterday and I went to it. I actually only wanted to purchase an additional 5-6 balls of Mission Falls 1824 Wool in a mustard gold colorway. I'd purchased this yarn to make a lacy rib sweater from one of the Missions Falls books a few years ago and have enough yarn for me, but as I started swatching for it, I wasn't that enthused by this sweater. M keeps saying how he loves this color and I could always make one for him. Since I've promised him that I would make a sweater for him by this Christmas, I thought I'd get more of this color. But sadly they were out of the colorway, so I needed to find something else for him. I did find a nice merino wool in a mossy green color. I was attempting to get home and get it put away before he got there, but in typical fashion, that didn't happen. So, when he got home, I just showed it to him and he loved the color, which was good. Now I just need to find a pattern.

I'll try to have pics in the next post. I was just too lazy to bother today.

oops, I forgot to mention, while at my LYS, I ran into Cynthia and helped her shop for yarn, as well as seeing AmyB and her little sweetheart Edwin, who was not interested in meeting any of Mommy's friends! Stacey came by for moral support, but it didn't stop Cynthia's foray into the Dark side of Knittery (heh-heh!). We also saw Jon who was helping push the crack, er, yarn. He was also sporting the clean-shaven look and it looked good on you Jon.

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