Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What to Knit Next? A Foolhardy Question . .

Whew! I took the weekend off from blogging and yesterday as well. I added some blog links to my sidebar as well as adding the Mile High Knitters Ring, which ended up being somewhat confusing since I was trying to figure out all this html coding stuff. Lots of fun, but I got it done, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I should actually try to learn some of this stuff instead of just copying and pasting, but it works, so eh?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I joined up with Stacey, Michelle and others at Stella's on Friday night and had a great time. One lady there brought along a friend who didn't know how to knit and Stacey taught her how! That was very kind of Stacey. I asked the ladies there for their opinion on yarns to use for Tempting and while Stacey liked the hot pink, most liked the dusty green for its tactile feel. So we're gonna have a poll!
I was thinking of making Tempting or now I'm being less tempted and more into Donna, which would suit a curvy girl like me and I have loads of yarn to do it in. Take a vote.

I made more progress on the blanket that will never end that night. As well as going to another knitting group at Park Meadows Borders. That group meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the cafe. Worked some more on the blanket, still not finished yet.

Sunday, had to work in the a.m., and the time change kicked my butt! No fun, but made it through 6 hours of working and knitting a few rows. One of the few joys of working remotely when I have to work on a weekend for the day job. Finally done with work and I knitted my little heart out until that frickin' baby blanket till I finished it!! Yay! (and the crowd goes wild!!!) No pictures of it yet, because I haven't sewn in the ends nor washed it, but it will happen by this weekend. I also want to knit a baby hat and socks, but those are quick and shouldn't take too long.

Now I'm ready to move on to other things, however, I still have all this obligatory knitting. Sometimes (okay, most times) this starts to get real old. But, oh well. Still have to pick up sts on the boy hat and make earflaps, which in theory, shouldn't be too difficult and then do icord. I also owe a friend a mate to a sock I've had hanging around for over 2 years. Regular sock weight socks I finish. I do not suffer from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), but I do not like knitting dk-weight socks. I even tried to finish it last year, but I didn't write any notes for myself, such as what size needles I used. (I must have thought I would remember these things, ha!) and knitted them on the wrong size, did a different heel than the first time and the sock looked visibly different. And stupid me, I didn't think to check any of this until I was almost to the toe, so I got to rip it all back. I would like to get this to her this year in time for Mother's Day, since she did become a mother this year. And knitting a couple of baby hat and socks for some impending births is about it and then I can get on to my summer knitting. Although the next 3-4 projects will be worked in between other things too.

To leave you with a couple of pics, here's the Katia Beetle swatch I did. The color is horrible, but it's really a dusty green. The yarn is mostly polyamide with some nylon.

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The second swatch is with Cottonella Novita yarn, which is a cotton and acrylic blend in a fuchsia/hot pink colorway. I love, love, the color. I don't think it will be a Tempting. But probably a summer tee. Anyone have a good, simple pattern with a V-neck tee? Here's a pic of the swatch:
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So please feel free to vote and I'm off for today! And to those of you that noticed, I changed my comments to haloscan b/c I don't like the way Blogger requires you to log in for commenting. We'll see how it goes, although I did lose all my former comments. There's a way to do it, but more HTML crap to figure out. Whee! Maybe later.

Hmm, so I tried to do this with blogpoll, but the Tag is not accepted. Whatever that means, so drop a comment instead.

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