Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm sure most of you have seen the new Knitty. It's a mixed bag for me. I wasn't impressed as I have been with other issues. My favorites are the Ribbon Xback and the Soleil. And I do like the via Diagonale bag and the tie one on shawl-type thing. That is something I think I would really like to make. Otherwise, the rest didn't appeal to me, but I know that is a matter of individual tastes, so oh well. And you know, free is good, so no complaints there.

Last night, I met up with Jon to learn Continental knitting. The knitting was easy, purling was a different story. By the time we were finished, I was hating the purl part. I will attempt to practice it more. I've even considered making the Tempting just to practice that, as it's all in the round, but ribbed. Sure most people would do something small like a hat, but why would I do that? Although I do think I will practice more on my swatch first before casting on and I suppose another gauge swatch in Stockinette (continental) may be required if I'm going to do that, huh? Ugh. Who knows, maybe I won't do it.

Not too much knitting to report today and no pictures (SOB!). I did cast on for the baby hat for my sister's baby and am about halfway through it. Other than that, not much knitting has been done. I will work more on the baby hat this week/end and try to get the baby socks done so I can have some FOs to report and take pictures of the baby blanket this weekend.

I will get knitting in this weekend, though! I'm meeting up with the ladies from the MHCKnitters in Louisville tonight. I may actually take pictures that I'll post this time! (HA!) The last time I took pictures, I still wanted to have friends, so I didn't post them as they didn't turn out very well. I'll also meet with a couple of knitting buddies tomorrow morning and we may hit a yarn store or two as well, so that should be fun-filled and some knitting time.

My part-time job has reared its ugly head again. I didn't have any hours for the past 3 months and was about to quit,(even went into the store to fill out the form and all) and the manager had hours and talked me into working, so we will see how it turns out. It's a retail job and I love the perks(discounted clothing and a little extra cash), but hate all the sales crap they want you to do. I don't know if it will work out as I've really gotten accustomed to having my time off for myself and having a relatively free schedule with lots of time to knit. We're only talking 2-3 shifts a week for now. But maybe I'll try to hang on till May. Another floor set will have happened (so more clothes to shop for) and have enough time to make some money for my NY trip and clothe me and the bf. If I don't like it after May, then I can just quit and not care about it. Although I did find out the new manager there is a knitter, so that's pretty cool.

Lastly on the pattern poll, still haven't figured it all out. I have lots of ideas for summer knitting and while I want to make the Donna, I'm thinking over the Tempting as well. But since I will be flying soon (the 5th of May to NY, NY), I'm thinking that I may start one now and get a head start and start one right before the trip to take on the plane. While I'm in NYC visiting and meeting my bf's family (for the first time), we will also take a road trip to NC for dbf's niece's college graduation (which should take about 10 hours), so I'm thinking prime knitting time, so I should get something finished and something halfway done, right?

That's it for today. Have a good weekend all and I'll be back probably on Monday. Thanks to those that participated in the informal pattern poll.

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