Friday, April 22, 2005

Progress, Little by little

The knitting is going, but man is it slow. I really like my Tempting, especially if I could quit screwing up on 2x2 ribbing! I did finally get through a host of problems I was having. Knitting while talking can easily get me off my track and then a knit lands on top of a purl and it's all jacked. I've had to tink back a row or a portion of a row a few times and actually had to rip about 4 rows back to re-work a portion that was all messed up. It appears to be going smoothly now and I've got just about 3.25 inches done. Lots more to go. I hope to get more knitting done tonight and tomorrow and will post tomorrow, more than likely.

After several attempts at getting cast on for Donna, I finally got the 2x2 ribbing (are we sensing a pattern here?) right. Although the pattern does call for the back to cast on 114 sts, (which is not divisible by 4) and my ribbing kept coming out wonky. I finally decided to just cast on 112 sts do the 2.5 inches of ribbing and then increase on the first stockinette row by 2 sts. Last night, I got some more knitting done on Donna and am almost finished with the ribbing. Hopefully tonight I will get some stockinette done on the body.

I hope to work on the swatch for the Debbie Bliss Tennis Sweater this weekend, but we shall see. Tonight, I'm hanging out with my beau, probably going over to a friend's house and I always bring my knitting there, so I should get a little done. Then tomorrow, I'm meeting with friends to get beads for beaded stitch markers, some lunch and some knitting. Sounds like fun and I can't wait!

Last night I heard about some new yarn shops opening in the Denver area. There's one called Colorful Yarns that will be located in a building adjacent to Sears at Southglenn Mall in the basement? Very odd location, but could be nice. I understand that will be opening soon.

Then a yarn store to rival Showers will be setting up shop near the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover in that shopping center, although the owner is expanding the space, so no timetable on when it's subject to open. I understand it will be 3000 sq. feet?! And that's right down the road from my job! Could be lots of trouble for me. I also heard about a yarn shop opening in Parker, no further details on that one though.

After hanging out at the LYS last night after work(had to get rid of my frustration from a co-worker by knitting! Yay!). After that, I hung out with one of my friends Susan at her house where we knitted some more and I was fed some of her husband's wonderful bread and potato and ham soup. Yum! Susan also gifted me with some beautiful Noro Menou (I've never heard of it before) in a gorgeous purple colorway with blues, pinks and other colors in it typical of Noro variegated yarns. The yarn is 55% wool, some cotton and silk. Just enough for a vest, I believe and I love it. Can't wait to do something with it for next fall.

As a sidenote, do you think it's really bad if you're slated to go a work-related function and your coach gives your four hours off for it and it only took 1.5 hours that you didn't go back to work early? Instead, finding a nearby book store and knitting for 1.25 hours before heading in to work? I got bonus knitting time in on Wednesday morning.

And for all the knitting I was supposed to get done on Tuesday night, well, I ended up cooking a couple of meals, although I did knit in between preparations. I think I tinked more than night than actually knitted!

Until later . .

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