Friday, April 01, 2005

No April Foolin'

I'm really bummed becaue I took a picture of the beautiful bouquet of flowers by bf surprised me with when he came home last night. I thought I sent the pic either via Hello or Picasa, but somehow I managed to lose it. So that's not the opening pic for this blog. But there is this:
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I ran out to B&N Tuesday night and bought not one, but two copies of Yarn Harlot's book. The bookbookbook is here and I was happy to have found it. They had just received a shipment when I called. It wasn't even on the shelf, so I didn't feel bad about taking two! While I was at B&N, being the freakish reader that I am, I couldn't just pick up my books on hold and leave, now could I? Well, I suppose I could, but that wouldn't make for interesting reading either. So as I perused the bookshelves and looked in the knitting section, I saw a book that I've been wanting for awhile. I was debating if I should spend more money and then figured, ah, what the hey! I wanted it, Montse Stanley's The Knitter's Handbook, and decided to buy it after all. Upon purchasing it (at retail price of $19.95, as it says on the jacket), I realized when I got home that I did not pay nearly enough for it. The receipt says I paid $4.95 for the book, so I guess I am glad that I decided to "splurge" to buy it after all !

Thanks to everyone that came by and took a look. I do appreciate it. This blogging thing is kind of addictive. I was trying to find a place to host some pictures online while trying to figure out Blogger/Hello/Picasa altogether. Anyhow, when bf came home, I did manage to drag myself away from my PC and work on the baby blanket some more. Almost at section 13 and with some knitting girls meeting up tonight, I'll definitely get more progess in on this thing. I want to finish it by the weekend! Then I can use my needles for something perhaps a bit more Tempting. I'm trying to talk myself out of it, but not really sure why.

Another blogger, Cathi posted about starting it not long ago and now I'm really intrigued by it. I like the wool version and may do that in the fall, but I am contemplating one in a cotton, cotton/blend or some type of ribbon-type yarn for the spring/summer. Perhaps I'll bring some choices to knit night to get an opinion or post some pics to the blog and get suggestions. I think I will do some swatches and post to the blog. Hey, maybe I'll do a blogpoll! Woo-hoo, that would be something (especially if I can figure out how to do so!!)

The baby blanket is in the final stretch. As soon as I can get this done, I can reclaim my sz 7 needles for something else. That's probably the only reason I haven't started the Tempting thing yet. But I promised you a photo of the earflap hat and here's that:
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Yes, the hat is that dark. It is after all navy with red stripes. So even though it does look the pic is dark, it is navy. After looking at the hat again, I do like the striping sequence. Maybe it just took time to grow on me. Or because I was thinking it would be one way and it changed from that. I'll have to get working on the earflaps and icord this weekend, so hopefully I'll have more to share with you by Monday.

Lastly, here's just a pic of my lonely Boogaj bag that is waiting to be completed. I finished knitting it because I started it and even felted it, but it wasn't as big as I thought it might be, so I guess I'm not that happy with it. But I guess I should assemble it and then maybe I'll gift someone with it! There's a thought.
So here's that pic and I'm outta here for the day.

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Stacey said...

I'll see you tonight! Wow! 12 comments on your first post...nice!

Jenifer said...

Hey ... thought I'd share ... I use for my image hosting which I find to be pretty great, and it's about $25/yr which is better than $5/mo for typepad or whatever. FYI. :) And thanks for the nice words on my blog!

Felicia said...

I second the emotion on photobucket. I use them for hosting pics I post on other forms-- and they are great!

Of course, I'm a typepad freak, but that's neither here nor there. The important thing is-- just knit and blog about what you knit!!!

If you're looking to joining a webring (you know, to drive more traffic to your blog) have I got a webring just for you! (insert shameless appeal right here) The uKnitted Nations webring.;action=addform

I see your emails from the Mile High knitters group, it's nice to put a face and knitworks to the name!

Michelle said...

I use for my photos. It's free and easy to use. There's my 2 cents.

Booga bag would make a cute bag for a little girl. Or maybe you could put that fab blankie you're working on in it instead of a more traditional gift bag.