Thursday, April 28, 2005

Might Just Be A Little Crazy

But I suppose that's nothing new to those that know me. It's funny so many people that have said my summer knitting lineup is ambitious. I dunno, I guess it is ambitious. Since I am no longer working a second job and I don't have any children, save my dbf, I do have plenty of time to knit, in between doing other things like visiting with friends, domestic stuff, etc. I do realize some of it may not get done, but seeing it in a list gives me a purpose and helps me focus in on what I would like to accomplish.

Oh, so then I looked at my summer knitting lineup post again and realized that 2 of the items I will be carrying with me to NY and will get lots of knitting done there. And of the 7 I have listed, 2 others one only require a back or less than that to be finished. I also have a hair appointment on Tuesday night, so that should be 3-4 hours of knitting time right there. Most of you can't help but know that I have locks. I go to a consultant that retightens my hair, whenever I go to get it done. Typically that should be 8-10 weeks, sometimes it's longer. Nonetheless, my hair is so thick, it usually takes my consultant at least 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours, just depends. I always love when I go to get my hair retightened, because I get to visit with a good friend and I get lots of knitting done! I plan on taking the red-orange tank in with me to finish up that back. It shouldn't take me too long and there's a good possibility that I will be done by that evening. I think I will look at the pattern again this weekend to see where I left off and work a few rows to get in the groove and then be ready to finish it on Tuesday evening!

How bad is that I know I'm going out of town next Thursday and should be thinking of things to pack and all I can think of is what knitting projects to take? I still have to make a nursing shawl for my sister. I'm planning on taking that with me while we travel. I might be making a pit stop in Atlanta on the way back since we will be flying back through Atlanta and we have buddy passes, so hopefully my little nephew Chason would have made his way into the world by that time. If not, I will still get to see my baby sister pregnant, which is funny and so cute to me all at the same time.

Okay, I guess enough with the running on. Knitting-wise (although I guess this is all about knitting anyway), I've been working right along, but only on Donna. I put Tempting down on Sunday and haven't picked it up since. I believe I shall have a knitting fest again this Sunday since the bf will be out-of-town this Friday. I can sit at home, watch a couple of chick flicks and knit till my heart's content. I have been cruising away on Donna. I decided that I like most of my sweaters at the length of 23", as I measured one of my favorite sweaters and that's the perfect length. Since Donna calls for a finished length of 25" and raglan shaping begins once you hit 16", I will work in pattern until 14" and then begin shaping. I expect I will have the back finished before I leave for NYC. Since I'm not sure where I want the bust darts to happen, I will probably do the sleeves while I'm in NYC and start the body, but we will see how that goes. I may just have the sleeves done and that's it, who knows? Boy, just reading this makes me feel like I have deadlines for everything! Not really, but I just think I can be this far by this date, but there is no deadline for any of this, other than to finish something.

Hmm, still rambling on and just going off on a tangent, I guess this is what happens when I talk to people in regular life too! Kind of sad (I feel bad for the others!), but oh well. All of that above to say I've been cruisin' on Donna and she's at about 9.5 inches now. So I will only 4.5 inches more to begin shaping. Might not get much knitting in tonight as I must clean and straighten to have my knittin' buds over Friday night.

I also joined a couple of knit-alongs, if you check the buttons on the sidebar, I found the 2005 Knitalongs site somewhere and found there was a Summer KAL which is for any summer pattern. I am so there, since there are so many I want to work on this summer. And I also joined theCurvaceous Tempting KAL. Look at me, I'm a joiner! But it was easy since I was already doing them anyway. I thought about joining the Triada-along, but I will probably pass as I'm not ready to start yet and I found a Xback KAL(from the Knitty pattern of the same name), but opted not to do that one at this point.

I did decide that I will probably not get the seed/moss st tank out of Reynolds Saucy done this summer. I want to finish Donna and Tempting and another one of my other fun summer patterns, so I can get started on the Cabled Tennis Sweater. I need to get one of my projects I just started out of the way before I get started on it. If I don't, I will truly have the start-itis problem out-of-control. I'm good if I have 3-4 projects going, but anymore than that, I'm just out-of-control and we certainly can't have that!

No new knitty pics, hopefully after tomorrow evening, I'll have some pics. But after that, it will sparse here for awhile as my bf will have the digital camera with him in NYC until I join him next Thursday. Still undecided if I should be a total dork and take my laptop with me . .

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